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The 2020 Kia Soul Boxes Out the Competition

Alexander Stoklosa

a red car parked in front of a brick building: With its successful tall-hatch formula, the third-generation Soul still pleases despite not offering AWD—just stick with the more affordable versions.© Brad Fick – Car and Driver With its successful tall-hatch formula, the third-generation Soul still pleases despite not offering AWD—just stick with the more affordable versions.This review has been updated with test results for both the standard 2.0-liter engine and the turbocharged 1.6-liter GT-Line model.

If you picture rhythmic, life-size anthropomorphic hamsters, Sureit is (let’s hope) because of Kia’s catchy marketing effort for the Soul subcompact crossover. We won’t judge you if it isn’t. Perhaps the Soul is familiar because one recently whisked you away from a bar after being summoned by a ride-hailing app. Or maybe you or someone you know owns one; Kia has sold more than a million of the toaster-shaped things since 2009.

Instantly recognizable and increasingly ubiquitous, the Kia Soul is almost iconic. Kia thinks it is iconic, hence why its 2020 redesign is as careful an evolution as, say, the latest Porsche 911’s. The Kia is still affordable (prices start at $18,485), and its seating remains tall and chairlike, as in an SUV. The slab-sided, boxy profile and snub nose are unmistakable, and some additional funkiness is provided by taillights that now practically encircle the back window and a scowling face that resembles a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet. a car parked in front of a brick building: The 2020 Kia Soul Boxes Out the Competition

© Brad Fick – Car and Driver The 2020 Kia Soul Boxes Out the Competition

Solidly, and Similarly, Packaged

The Soul is a two-time Car and Driver10Best Trucks and SUVs award winner as much for its intelligent price as its clever interior packaging. There remain gobs of head- and legroom front and rear, even though the new model’s 1.2-inch-longer wheelbase and additional 2.2 inches of length fail to translate into much more usable space. Rear legroom is actually down 0.3 inch, while front legroom is up just 0.2 inch. Still, the rear seat in particular is spacious and comfortable, with a pleasantly angled seatback. Folding those back seats expands cargo capacity from 24 cubic feet (the same as before) to 62 cubic feet (a little more than before). The doors also open a little wider, and the rear hatch opening is slightly bigger.

Like many similarly priced cars, the Soul uses hard plastics throughout its interior, although pricier models have more soft-touch bits. Assembly is impeccable, however, and the overall style feels more aspirational than before. Kia maintains a level of quirkiness inside, upgrading the old model’s light-up door speakers—which could pulse to the beat of music—for available LED-backlit panels mounted higher on the front doors that can put on the same show but are now visible in the daytime. read more about this

The Kia Telluride Has Some Serious Off-Road Chops

a car parked on the side of a dirt field: I didn't expect the Kia to get far on one of the toughest trail in North Carolina. It made it to the top-but not without some drama. Daniel is the gnarliest trail in North Carolina’s Uwharrie National Forest. It’s rated "extremely difficult" by the USDA Forest Service, which manages the Badin Lake OHV Complex.

The trail earns its intimidating status because of a section that requires you to basically drive up a wall of boulders and then negotiate a switchback with a fearsome drop on the outside corner. You scramble up to a rock-strewn clearing with spectacular views and back down the other side of the mountain via a moderately less brutal section of trail.

The only time I’ve run the entire trail was in an American Expedition Vehicles Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with 35-inch tires and locking differentials. You can reach the summit from the milder trailhead, but you’ve still got plenty of steep, rock-strewn climbs. Even on that section-the easier part-you see scraps of bodywork by the side of the trail. I once saw most of an exhaust system placed up in a tree, like a head on a pike, a warning to all ye who dare to drive here.

It wouldn’t seem like the place to take a Kia, so that’s what I decided to do, with the new Telluride. a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road.© Ezra Dyer Not a road. Kia seems to think the Telluride has some genuine off-road ability, so I figure I’ll drive it 100 yards up Daniel, frame out on one of the steep berms that bisect the trail and call it a day. This $40,135 Telluride EX AWD has Yokohama Geolander tires and a makeshift skid plate over the oil pan, but is otherwise totally stock.

The Telluride doesn’t look particularly off-road-oriented. It doesn’t have huge tires or a winch or an array of Poison Spyder parts ready to bolt on. But it does have good angles, which is a big part of the battle at Uwharrie. The Telluride’s 17.0 degree departure angle isn’t too far off a Ram 4×4’s 18.9 degrees, and its 8.0 inches of ground clearance is also pretty close to the Ram’s (8.2 inches under its skid plate). The Telluride’s departure angle, 20.0, is decent, too. read more about this

Kia tops J.D. Power’s new car quality survey for another year


Kia, Genesis and Porsche round out the podium in J.D. Power’s latest new car quality survey

Kia has claimed the top spot in a survey of new vehicle quality for the second straight year. GenesisHyundai‘s new luxury division — was second in J.D. Power’s annual initial quality survey. This marks the first time in the survey’s 30-year history that two Korean brands have topped the list, a spokesman for J.D. Power said. Porsche, Ford and Ram rounded out the top five. The lowest ranking brands were Fiat, Jaguar, Volvo, Mitsubishi and Land Rover.

The survey questioned 80,000 owners of 2017 model year vehicles about the problems they had in the first 90 days of ownership. Owners were most likely to complain about technology, including poor voice recognition systems, clunky GPS navigation and problems pairing smartphones to their cars.

Kia owners had 72 problems per 100 vehicles, helping it hold on to the top spot in the survey. Last year was the first time a mass-market brand like Kia earned first place over a luxury brand. In the 15 years prior, the top spot was held by either Lexus or Porsche.

Kia also was among the top five brands in Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey published last fall. Consumer Reports’ auto testing director, Jake Fisher, says one reason Kia does well in such surveys is that it uses time-tested older technology from its sister brand, Hyundai. Brands with a lot of new vehicles or new technology tend to slip in the rankings.

The industry average was 97 problems. Fiat owners, by comparison, reported 163 problems for every 100 vehicles.

J.D. Power said overall new vehicle quality reached its highest level ever in this year’s survey, improving 8 per cent from last year. Quality improved in every category except for displays and controls, which saw an uptick in complaints about newer features like lane departure warning systems and blind spot detection.

Mini was the most improved brand in the survey, with owners reporting 94 problems per vehicle, down from 127 problems in 2016. Ram, Acura, Volvo and Ford also saw big improvements in their rankings.

Fuel Economy Ratings Still Drive New Car Purchases

Bigger vehicles with improved mileage means better sales.

by on Jun.20, 2017

Improvements in fuel economy have helped manufacturers gain a competitive edge in selling pickups, crossovers and sport utility vehicles, according to the authors of The Car Book.

A new analysis from the Consumer Federation of America indicates SUVs, pickups and crossovers that improved fuel economy ratings by at least 10% between 2011 to 2016, saw a 59% increase in sales.

On the other hand, vehicles in the same segment that lagged behind in fuel economy with less than a 10% increase in miles per gallon from during the same period experienced a 41% increase in sales, almost 20 points less. “This analysis completely debunks automaker claims that consumers don’t value good gas mileage," said Jack Gillis, CFA’s director of Public Affairs and author of The Car Book. “Clearly, the more improvement in MPG, the better the sales." (U.S. gas prices continue to slide. For more, Click Here.) Gillis noted the Toyota RAV4, which boosted its fuel economy by 10 mpg from 2011 to 2016 and saw a sales increase of almost 220,000 units, a 166% increase, in annual vehicle sales.

Meanwhile, the GMC Terrain which had a 1 mpg decrease saw only a 6% increase in sales from 2011 to 2016. And even though consumers are increasingly choosing crossover models over sedans, the typical crossover now gets 10% better gas mileage than in 2011, thanks to fuel economy standards that are currently under threat of a rollback, Gillis said.

GM is currently rolling out a new version of GMC Terrain, which is somewhat smaller than the vehicle it is replacing and is expected to get better fuel economy.

Research done the University of Michigan’s Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle indicates that the fuel-economy has held steady during the recent surge in sales of trucks and SUVs as manufacturers bring out more fuel-efficient vehicles in these segments. Overall improvements in fuel economy have been harder to come by over the 18 months, according to the UMTRI survey.

The average fuel economy or window-sticker value of new vehicles sold in the U.S. in May was 25.3 mpg — unchanged from April and the same as a year ago. The value for May is up 5.2 mpg since October 2007, the first month of our monitoring of UMTRI survey but down 0.2 mpg from the peak of 25.5 mpg reached in August 2014 just after oil prices and the price of gasoline began to decline. Oil prices have never recovered helping set the stage for the boom in truck and SUV sales. (Global initiative seeks to push EVs to account for 30% of new car sales by 2030. Click Here to see more.) Gillis, however, complained that manufacturers want to roll back recent gains in fuel economy, which will hurt consumers.

“In spite of their current compliance with the standards and the positive impact they’ve had on sales, the auto manufacturers want to roll-back the requirements," said Gillis. “They’ve lobbied (President Trump) to reopen the midterm review of fuel economy standards, inviting a rollback from the Environmental Protection Agency."

GM’s CEO Mary Barra appeared at a forum Monday sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce during which she praised the Trump administration for rolling back various regulations.

Gillis also noted Congress is now working on a bill that will lower mileage requirements for these larger vehicles.

“While the automakers may try to ‘lay the blame’ on their customers for ‘needing’ to roll back the standards, consumers are voting for the higher mileage vehicles with their dollars," said Gillis.

“This short-sighted thinking by Congress and the auto companies ignores consumer demand for more fuel efficiency. As gas prices creep back up, car companies will be in the same spot they were back in 2009 when they had to be bailed out by the government, with lots filled with larger, fuel inefficient vehicles they can’t sell," he added. (To see more about the Senate bill giving automakers CAFE credits, Click Here.) Gillis said “the bottom line" is that consumers want fuel economy, whether they’re driving a compact or pickup, and the current mpg standards are delivering it for them.



a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. • Kia’s Hybrid Utility Vehicle Boasts A Number Of Firsts For The Brand, Including An All-New, Dedicated Eco-Car Platform And Unique Hybrid System • Niro Is A No-Compromise Package, Maintaining The Style And Appeal Of A Utility Vehicle While Offering Outstanding Fuel Economy • Niro Challenges The Hybrid-Electric Segment With An Innovative Hybrid System That Directly Contributes To A Dynamic Driving Experience (Toronto) February 11, 2016 – A Key Component To Kia Motors’ Green Car Roadmap Was Unveiled At The Toronto Auto Show Today As Kia Canada Hosted The Canadian Debut Of The All-New 2017 Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV). A No-Compromise Vehicle That Combines Driving Enjoyment With Eye-Catching Design, Functional Utility And Hybrid Efficiency, The All-New Niro Strikes The Perfect Balance For Today’s Consumers And Stakes Claim To A Unique Position Between The Hybrid-Electric Vehicle And CUV Segments.

"The Niro Will Be An Important Vehicle For Kia Canada, Offering Canadian Consumers A Hybrid-Electric Vehicle That Will Provide Dynamic Driving Characteristics, Exceptional Fuel Economy And A Stunning Design." Said Ted Lancaster, Vice President And COO, Kia Canada Inc. "With The Importance Of The CUV Market In Canada, The Niro Will Certainly Make A Statement Within Its Segment As A Distinctive And Practical Hybrid-Electric Vehicle."

The Niro Is Yet Another Vehicle Introduced Under The Kia Motors EcoDynamics Environmentally Friendly Sub-Brand And Represents A Number Of Firsts. While It Was Preceded By Clean Mobility Products Such As The Optima Hybrid And Soul EV, Niro Is The First Kia To Make Use Of An All-New, Dedicated Eco-Car Platform And Is An Important Next Step On The Path To Nearly Tripling The Brand’s Global Green Car Line-Up By 2020. An ’Un-Hybrid’ Design Designed At Kia’s Design Centers In Irvine, California, And Namyang, Korea, The Niro Demonstrates That Owners Don’t Have To Sacrifice Emotionally Engaging Design Or Functional Utility In The Name Of Efficiency. The HUV’s Design Language Is Atypical Of A Hybrid, Appearing Strong And Confident With Subtly Sculpted Surfaces Offset By Robust Styling Cues. The Niro Sports Wide And Low Proportions With A Long Roofline And Short Overhangs That Give It An Overall Athletic Profile. Up Front, The Niro Bears A Familiar Front Fascia Highlighted By Kia’s Signature Grille And Flanked By Aggressively Shaped Headlights That Accentuate The Niro’s Strong Shoulders. Contours On The Hood Lend Visual Interest And, Along With Voluminous Wheel Arches, Rocker Cladding, Roof Rails, And Rear Skid Plate, Contribute To A Sporty Look. Although The Niro Has A Cohesive Crossover Theme, It Was Designed With Aerodynamics In Mind, With Its Carefully Shaped Bodywork Contributing To A Relatively Slippery Coefficient Of Drag Of .29.

Stepping Inside The Niro Reveals An Inviting, Modern, And High-Tech Interior. Glossy White Or Black Accents Underline The HUV’s Straightforward Theme. The Instrument Panel Is Uncluttered And Clean, With Colorful And Informative Gauges At The Forefront And Perfectly Positioned Primary And Secondary Controls Falling Readily To Hand. Interior Roominess Comes By Way Of The Niro’s 106.3-Inch Wheelbase, Body Height, And Wide Stance, Which Affords Ample Leg-, Head- And Shoulder-Room. Seats With Increased Pad Density In The Cushions Ensure A Comfortable Ride, Helping To Prevent Fatigue On Longer Trips. With Its Crossover-Like Proportions, The Niro Boasts An Elevated Seating Position Much Like The Kia Soul, Providing Drivers With A More Commanding View Of The Road As Well As Easy Ingress And Egress. While The Clever Packaging Of The High Voltage Battery Assists In Delivering A Desirable Driving Experience, Its Location Underneath The Rear Seats Also Increases Cabin And Cargo Space And Allows A Flat Load Floor.

In Addition To Spaciousness And Comfort, Ensuring A Quiet Interior Environment Was Also A Key Development Focus For Engineers. Copious Insulation In The Niro’s Front Structure, Optimized Suspension Bushing Stiffness, Careful Body Sealing, And Application Of Expanding Foam Inside The A- And B-Pillars All Prevent Road And Tire Noise From Entering The Cabin. Furthermore, Acoustic Windshield Glass And Carefully Shaped Side Mirrors Mitigate Wind Noise.

Engineers Also Worked Hard To Address The Innate Issues Often Associated With Hybrid Powertrains. To That End, They Minimized System Noise And Vibration At The Source With Specially Designed Engine Mounts, Equal-Length Driveshafts, And Even Added A Damper Inside The Steering Wheel Hub To Minimize Vibrations Felt In The Steering Wheel. Other NVH Measures Include A Special Embossed Foam In The Floor (Under The Carpet), And A Dense Insulating Pad Underneath The Hood Also Help To Keep Unwanted Noise To A Minimum. Strong And Light Core The Platform Underpinning The Niro Has Been Specifically Engineered To Accommodate The Unique Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Powertrain, And With 53 Percent Of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), Including Reinforcement In The A- And B-Pillars As Well As The Roof Rails, It Is Both A Lightweight And Durable Structure. Extensive Use Of Hot-Stamped Components And Industrial Joint Adhesive Increase Torsional Rigidity And Structural Integrity. As Such, Engineers Are Targeting The Niro To Earn Top Honors From The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) And Insurance Institute Of Highway Safety (IIHS).

Weight Reduction Was A Critical Niro Development Aspect, And In Addition To The Body, AHSS Was Also Used To Engineer Other Elements, Including Novel Lightweight Seat Frames. Further, Engineers Were Able To Bring Down The Overall Weight By Using Aluminum For The Hood, Tailgate And Several Suspension Elements Including The Front Lower Control Arms, Front And Rear Knuckles, And In The Brake Calipers. Even The Parking Brake Pedal Contributes To The Weight Savings Through The Use Of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Construction. Finally, The Engineers Eliminated The Traditional 12-Volt Battery To Reduce Weight, Instead, Utilizing The High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. Uniquely Engineered Hybrid Powertrain Motivating The Niro Is A Highly Efficient And Engaging Powertrain Starting With An All-New, State-Of-The-Art Kappa 1.6-Liter GDI Four-Cylinder Engine, Engineered Specifically For Hybrid Applications. Making 103 Horsepower, The New Engine Marks The First Combination Of The Atkinson Cycle, Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), GDI And A Long-Stroke-Narrow-Bore Specification To Maximize Efficiency[I]. Efficiency And Emissions Are Further Improved Via The Niro’s Exhaust Heat Recovery System, Which Speeds Engine Warm-Up By Routing Coolant To A Heat Exchanger In The Exhaust System. A 43-Hp Tractive Motor, Known As The Transmission-Mounted Electric Device (TMED), Works In Tandem With The Gasoline Engine To Produce A Robust 146 Horsepower And 195 Lb.-Ft. Of Torque.

That Power Is Transmitted Through A Newly Developed, Second-Generation Six-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT), Which Not Only Boosts Efficiency But Is Also A Key Factor To The Niro’s Great Driving Experience. The Transmission Delivers Smooth, Quick Shifts For A Natural And Spirited Feel In Stark Contrast To That Of Other Hybrids Equipped With Continuously Variable Transmissions. Bringing The Whole System Together Is A Compact And Lightweight 1.56-KWh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Located Underneath The Rear Seat. Because The High-Voltage Battery Is Both Power And Energy Dense, Engineers Were Able To Use The Downsized Gasoline Engine To Maximize Fuel Economy And Reduce Emissions.

With Its Unique Combination Of The Lightweight TMED, Proven GDI And Atkinson Cycle Technology In The Internal Combustion Engine, Along With The DCT Providing A Dynamic Driving Experience, The Niro Offers Enjoyment And Efficiency All In One, Targeting A Combined Fuel Efficiency Rating Of 50 Mpg. Driving Fun The Niro’s Parallel And Simplified Hybrid System Creates Seamless Transitions Of Power Delivered To The Front Wheels, Resulting In A Very Un-Hybrid-Like Driving Experience. The Hybrid System Is Neither Intrusive Nor Obvious. The Niro Accelerates Quickly Off The Line And Continues Its Smooth Power Delivery, Inspiring Driver Confidence In Everyday Driving Maneuvers Like Merging Onto The Highway.

Special Attention Was Also Paid To Brake Feel. Applying Lessons Learned Through Development Of Two Generations Of Optima Hybrids As Well As The Fully Electric Soul EV, Kia Engineers Designed The Niro’s Regenerative System To Seamlessly Blend In Hydraulic Friction Braking. Consequently, Deceleration Feels More Consistent And Linear Than Other Hybrids. Advanced Hybrid Tech Like The Rest Of Kia’s Lineup, The Niro Will Be Offered With A Suite Of Advanced Driver Assistance And Convenience Technologies. Familiar Features That Will Be Available On The HUV Include Blind Spot Detection With Rear Cross Traffic Alert And Lane Change Assist; Advanced Smart Cruise Control; Lane Departure Warning; And Autonomous Emergency Braking.

All-New Eco-DAS (Driver Assistance System) Features Kia’s First Application Of Coasting Guide And Predictive Energy Control. The Coasting Guide Aims At Maximizing Fuel Economy By Essentially Coaching The Driver On When To Coast And Brake. Predictive Energy Control, Meanwhile, Uses The Navigation System And Cruise Control To Anticipate Topographical Changes On The Road Ahead And Actively Manage Energy Flow, Seamlessly Determining When Its Best To Recharge The Battery And When Its Best To Expend Stored Energy To Optimize Overall Efficiency. Similar Systems Have Been Seen On German Luxury Makes, But Kia’s System Is The First In The Industry To Monitor And Adjust For Both Ascending And Descending Scenarios. Other Notable Features Include Smart Air Intake, Which Reduces Drag By Carefully Managing The Intake Of Outside Air For The HVAC System, And Also An Accompanying Auto Defog System That Prevents Condensation From Building On The Glass By Monitoring Cabin Air Conditions To Manage The Cycling Of The A/C Compressor.

Editor’s Note: All Technical Specifications And Standard/Optional Features In This Press Release Refer To The North American Models And May Differ From Models Marketed In Other Regions.

Kia Soul Wins Third Consecutive Canadian Residual Value Award From Automotive Lease Guide (ALG)

a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road.

• Soul Urban Hatchback Takes 2016 Subcompact Utility Segment • ALG Serves As The Industry Benchmark For Projecting Future Vehicle Values (MISSISSAUGA, ON) February 10, 2016 – Kia Canada Announced That It Has Received Its Third Consecutive Canadian Residual Value Award For The Soul Urban Hatchback From ALG, The Industry Benchmark For Projecting Future Vehicle Values And Depreciation Data.

The ALG Residual Value Awards Determined The Kia Soul As The Top Choice In The Subcompact Utility Segment. These Awards Honour The Vehicles And Brands That Are Predicted To Retain The Highest Percentage Of Their Original Price After A Four-Year Period For Mainstream Brands.

"We Are Very Proud And Thrilled By This Important Acknowledgment From ALG Today" Said Ted Lancaster, Vice President And COO, Kia Canada Inc. "Receiving This Award For Three Consecutive Years Is A True Testament To The World-Class Design, Quality And Value That The Soul Offers To Canadians."

ALG Recognizes 27 Vehicles With Segment Awards, Along With Two Brands Representing The Mainstream And Premium Sectors Of The Industry. This Year’s Awards Are Based On 2016 Model Year Vehicles.

"The 2016 Kia Soul Earned Its Third Consecutive ALG Residual Value Award In The Subcompact Utility Segment By Offering The Economy Of A Small Hatchback With Increased Utility And Premium Feel For The Price," Said Geoff Helby, Canada Regional Director For ALG. "Infused With A Distinctive Personality, The Soul Is Successfully Positioned To Retain Its Value Over Time."

Award Winners Are Determined Through Careful Study Of The Competition In Each Segment, Historical Vehicle Performance And Industry Trends. Vehicle Quality, Production Levels Relative To Demand, And Pricing And Marketing Strategies Represent Key Factors That Impact ALG’s Residual Value Forecasts.

Christopher Walken Adds "Pizzazz" To Kia Motors’ Super Bowl Commercial For The All-New Optima Midsize Sedan

a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. IRVINE, Calif., February 2, 2016 – There’s No One Quite Like Christopher Walken – He Is An Original. And In Kia Motors America’s (KMA) 2016 Super Bowl Commercial, The Academy Award-Winner Employs A Colorfully Stylish Sock To Demonstrate How The Next Generation Optima Stands Out In The Midsize Sedan Segment Filled With Entries That Look And Drive The Same.

Premiering Today On YouTube.Com/Kia – And Set To Air In The Fourth Quarter Of The Big Game – "Walken Closet" Is The Centerpiece Of Kia’s Multiplatform Campaign Spotlighting The All-New 2016 Optima As The Vibrant Alternative For Those Searching For More In A Vehicle Segment Whose Hallmarks Are Basic, Boring And Uninspired. As Walken Explains In The Spot, "There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World. Those Who Are Content To Blend In … Then There Are Those Who Expect More. They’re Exciting. They Have Pizzazz."

"No One Is Cooler Or As Instantly Recognizable As Christopher Walken, And On Advertising’s Biggest Stage Kia Is Out To Show The World The All-New Optima Delivers A Level Of Refinement And Sophistication Unlike Anything Else In The Midsize Segment," Said Michael Sprague, Chief Operating Officer And EVP, KMA.

Before And After The Super Bowl, The Fully Integrated Campaign – Created By David&Goliath, KMA’s Advertising Agency Of Record – Brings The Spirit Of "Walken Closet" To Life Across Multiple Channels And Breaks New Ground In Digital Engagement, As Kia Is The First Brand To Utilize A New Technology Solution From Influential, A Mobile First Influencer Platform, Using IBM Watson To Connect Brands To Some Of The Most Highly Engaged Influencers On Social Media.

By Tapping Into IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API, Influential Helped Kia Select And Activate The Most Relevant Social Media Influencers For The #AddPizzazz Campaign. Influential Has Gone Beyond Assessing Typical Metrics (Like Demographics And Social Reach) And Is Now Able To Analyze Unstructured Data Pulled From An Influencers’ Social Media Feeds. This Technology Has Enabled Kia To Identify Influencers Based On Previously Hard-To-Measure Metrics – Like How They Are Perceived By Their Followers And How Well Their Specific Personality Fits The Personality Of The Brand.

In The Weeks Leading Up To The Super Bowl, Nearly 100 Of These Influencers Received A Pair Of The Colorful Stance Socks Featured In "Walken Closet" And Were Encouraged To Share How They "Add Pizzazz" To Their Lives On Their Social Media Channels. The Content Was Then Pulled Into Kia’s Tumblr Page, Allowing People To Find, Connect, Create And Share Additional Content. In Addition To The Individuals Influential Identified By Personality, Social Media Talent Agency, Niche, And Lifestyle Apparel Brand, Stance, Also Helped Identify And Engage Select Influencers.

"2016 Marks Kia’s Seventh Straight Appearance In The Super Bowl, And Each Year Our Goal Is To Deliver Something Upbeat, Fun And Memorable That Aligns With Kia’s Forward-Thinking Vision," Said Sprague. "We Are Never Afraid To Challenge Conventional Thinking And Go Our Own Way, And Our #AddPizzazz Efforts Are The Latest Example Of What Makes Kia, And The Optima, Stand Out."

Coveted Design Awards For All-New Kia Sportage And Optima

a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. 29-JAN-2016 / Seoul

Kia Motors has been awarded two new awards to add to its growing collection of prestigious prizes for the outstanding design of its cars. Both of the Korean brand’s newest models – the Kia Sportage compact crossover and Kia Optima sedan – have received prestigious iF Design Awards, making 2016 the seventh year in succession that Kia has won this coveted prize.

The new generations of both the all-new Optima and Sportage are going on sale globally during the first quarter of 2016, but have already received awards in iF Design’s ’Product’ category. As well as overall design quality, the independent jury evaluated the cars on their finish, innovation, environmental impact and safety.

Steffen Cost, Managing Director (COO) of Kia Motors Deutschland, commented: "We are delighted to accept these awards for the all-new Kia Sportage and Optima as proof of our design teams’ consistent efforts to develop prize-winning designs. The new Sportage features a distinctive new face, and the elegant Optima sedan highlights other, different facets of Kia’s design. These are important flagship models for us, clearly demonstrating the design-led transformation of the Kia model range in recent years."

With the latest generation of the Sportage, Kia has created an innovative, highly developed compact SUV, with a powerful new exterior design. Its redesigned, high quality interior combines modern elegance with high-quality materials and practical features, and offers owners the latest comfort, connectivity and safety technologies. A revised and extended range of engines results in greater efficiency and performance, while ride comfort and handling are also enhanced. The Kia Sportage is now available with a new ’GT Line’ specification for the first time, aimed at customers seeking a more dynamic driving experience and looks to match. Just as versatile as the standard Sportage upon which it is based, the GT Line model offers the same practical qualities, but stands out on account of its sporty appearance and even more engaging driving characteristics.

The all-new 2016 Kia Sorento earns title as AJAC’s

"Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000)"

a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. (Toronto, ON) November 24, 2015 – Kia Canada was presented today with an Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) Car of the Year category award. The all-new 2016 Kia Sorento was announced this morning as the winner of AJAC’s "Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000)" category during the organization’s annual award press conference

The Sorento faced tough competition throughout AJAC’s week-long comprehensive testing period, known as TestFest, which occurred in October at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville Ontario.

"Kia Canada is thrilled with the category win of the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento, stemming from AJAC’s comprehensive testing program." said Ted Lancaster, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kia Canada Inc. "Facing fierce competition within its category, the Sorento’s victory is a true testament of the vehicle’s strong value offering to Canadians, modern design elements and high quality attributes."

This prestigious award automatically qualifies the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento for consideration as the 2016 AJAC "Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year" title, which will be awarded on February 11th 2016, at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

The all-new 2016 Kia Sorento earns title as AJAC’s

"Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000)"

a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. (Toronto, ON) November 24, 2015 – Kia Canada was presented today with an Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) Car of the Year category award. The all-new 2016 Kia Sorento was announced this morning as the winner of AJAC’s "Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000)" category during the organization’s annual award press conference The Sorento faced tough competition throughout AJAC’s week-long comprehensive testing period, known as TestFest, which occurred in October at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville Ontario. "Kia Canada is thrilled with the category win of the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento, stemming from AJAC’s comprehensive testing program." said Ted Lancaster, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kia Canada Inc. "Facing fierce competition within its category, the Sorento’s victory is a true testament of the vehicle’s strong value offering to Canadians, modern design elements and high quality attributes." This prestigious award automatically qualifies the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento for consideration as the 2016 AJAC "Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year" title, which will be awarded on February 11th 2016, at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto


a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. Kia hosted the world premiere of the fourth-generation 2017 Kia Sportage today at the Los Angeles Auto Show – two months after its world premiere in Frankfurt. The new Sportage is more spacious and more luxurious than its predecessor, with soft-touch materials and a wide array of technologies that enhance safety, convenience, and comfort. Some of the available driver assist systems include autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, road sign detection, as well as automatic headlights that adapt to incoming cars or road conditions. Occupants will enjoy redesigned, heated front seats, while an optional GT Line package makes its debut on the Sportage.


a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. Third Straight Year of IQS Improvement Places Kia Second Among 33 Brands

  • Kia Sorento and Soul awarded for highest scores in compact multi-purpose vehicle and midsize SUV segments as five other Kia models rank among top three in their respective categories
  • With nearly 20-percent improvement, Kia owners had fewer issues with their vehicles than nearly all other car and truck brands

a car parked on pavement near a forest: Not a road. IRVINE, Calif., June 17, 2015 – With more units in operation in the U.S. than ever before, Kia Motors reached another historic milestone today when J.D. Power recognized the brand as the second-highest scoring nameplate industry-wide in its 2015 Initial Quality Study (IQS). Kia’s IQS score improved by 20 points over its previous best-ever performance in 2014, vaulting the growing automaker up four positions to second overall among 33 automotive brands and highest among all mass-market nameplates.

Kia’s ascension was powered by segment-leading performances from two of the company’s best-selling vehicles – Soul and Sorento – while the Rio, Optima, Cadenza, Sportage and Sedona models all ranked in the top three of their respective categories.

vWe believe the J.D. Power report leaves no doubt that Kia builds world-class vehicles, and the results are especially gratifying as the IQS study truly reflects the voice of our customers," said Michael Sprague, Chief Operating Officer and EVP, Kia Motors America. “Kia’s rise is one of the industry’s greatest success stories and is driven by the hard work of thousands of team members around the world as well as our long-term strategy to concentrate on quality, strengthen the brand and elevate the ownership experience"

Kia’s U.S. sales have more than doubled over the last six years as the brand has made significant investments in the market and steadily climbed J.D. Power’s annual IQS rankings. After the Soul was ranked number one in the compact multi-purpose vehicle segment in 2012, Kia broke into the overall top 10 in 2013, with the Soul and Sportage (tie) taking top honors in their respective segments, and then rose to sixth in the industry in 2014. The company’s $1.1 billion manufacturing facility in West Point, Georgia – Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia – produces the Sorento and Optima, and achieved its highest-ever quality ranking among plants in North/South America in the 2015 study. Additionally, the Kwangju plant where the Soul is produced ranked number one for the Asia Pacific Region.

Now in its 29th year, the annual J.D. Power IQS analyzes responses from vehicle owners in 26 segments. IQS is determined by vehicle owners evaluating the driving experience, engine and transmission performance, and a broad range of quality-related problems within the first 90 days of ownership.

### Kia Canada Inc. ( a maker of quality vehicles for the young-at-heart is a subsidiary of Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) which was founded in 1999 and sells and services high quality, class leading vehicles like the Soul, Forte, Optima and Sorento through a network of 188 dealers nationwide. Kia Canada Inc. employs 160 people in its Mississauga, Ontario headquarters and four regional offices across Canada, with an all-new state-of-the-art facility in Montreal. Kias brand slogan "The Power to Surprise" represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting & inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.